LDS Church releases first video in new Book of Mormon series


Book of Mormon Videos, 1 Nephi 1–2, Season 1, Episode 8, depicts Lehi's family as they sail to the promised land on the ship built by Nephi (Lehi's son) and his brothers (Laman, Lemuel and Sam).{ }© 2019 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has released the first video in a series that will document the entire Book of Mormon.

The first video is 18:21 long and covers 1 Nephi: 1-2 (the first chapter in the Book of Mormon).

In a news release, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints stated:

Episode one illustrates the first two chapters of the Book of Mormon, set around 600 BC in Jerusalem. This is when God commands Lehi, a citizen turned prophet in peril for his preaching, to flee the city for safety with his wife and four children.

A new video will be released every Friday this year, which will cover the first 138 pages (1 Nephi to Enos) of the Book of Mormon, which is considered holy scripture by church members.

Church members believe the Book of Mormon came as a revelation from God to church founder Joseph Smith nearly 200 years ago in upstate New York.

Videos, which feature actors will continue to be released throughout 2020 and 2021 which will cover the entire book.

You can watch the first episode below:

In a letter to church leaders, the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints said:

It is our hope that these videos will lead to increased study and understanding of the teachings of the Book of Mormon. The videos should support but not replace the personal study of the Book of Mormon. We invite all to use the videos and images at home and at church. They may also be used in introducing others to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. As we use and share this video series, our faith in the Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will be strengthened, and we will find ourselves participating more fully in the gathering of Israel promised in and through the Book of Mormon.

Release schedule for 2019. as stated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

  • September 27: Nephi Is Led by the Spirit to Obtain the Plates of Brass |1 Nephi 3–5
  • October 4: Ishmael’s Household Joins Lehi’s Family | 1 Nephi 7
  • October 11: Lehi Sees a Vision of the Tree of Life | 1 Nephi 8
  • October 18: The Lord Guides Lehi’s Journey | 1 Nephi 16
  • October 25: The Lord Commands Nephi to Build a Ship | 1 Nephi 17–18
  • November 1: Lehi’s Family Sails to the Promised Land | 1 Nephi 18
  • November 8: Lehi Gives His Family a Final Blessing | 2 Nephi 1–4
  • November 15: The Nephites Separate from the Lamanites | 2 Nephi 5
  • November 22: Jacob Teaches of the Atonement of Jesus Christ | 2 Nephi 6–10
  • November 29: Nephi Teaches the Doctrine of Christ | 2 Nephi 31–32
  • December 6: Nephi Records His Final Testimony | 2 Nephi 33
  • December 13: Jacob Teaches about Pride and Chastity | Jacob 2–3
  • December 20: Sherem Denies Christ | Jacob 7
  • December 27: Enos Prays Mightily | Enos 1

The videos will be released on several platforms including YouTube, the church's website, and in the church-owned "Gospel Library" app.

The videos will be published in 15 languages: Cantonese, Cebuano, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Samoan, Spanish, Tagalog, and Tongan.

Shorter versions of each episode will also be released.