Local body shop repairs car vandalized with swastika for free

SLC newly wed car vandalized courtesy jerren staker (5).jpg
Newlywed's car vandalized after groomsman jokingly writes Trump 2020 with marker paint. (Photos: Beardall family){ }

After seeing a story on 2News, a Salt Lake City body shop offered to repair a newlywed couple’s car for free.

The owner of the car is from Sandy. She said racist words and symbols were keyed into the door, because of political statements that were on the car.

After Macy and Brayden Beardall’s wedding on Saturday, their car was decorated with balloons and jokes.

“Baby on board,” was painted on the window — they’re not pregnant. Also, “Trump 2020” was painted on the window.

The couple parked their car at their apartment overnight, and woke up to it vandalized.

“On there was written, 'I am a racist' with a swastika. And like, just, I just sobbed,” said Macy Beardall.

She said it hurt because the “Black Lives Matter” movement is important to her. She recently raised money for the group for her birthday.

“You can be for Black Lives Matter, but also still agree with some of the things that Trump did," Beardall said.

The office manager at Rick Warner Body Shop, Kortney Wilcock, saw her story on 2News, and said she had to help.

“The community needs to stick together, and things like this are unfortunate,” said Wilcock.

The body shop repaired the car for free, buffing out where “blue lives splatter” was keyed into the door. They said fixing the car isn’t a political statement, it’s a human one.

“It's a hard time for people; it’s really hard. And I really think we need to be there for each other,” said Wilcock.

Beardall said he hopes those who keyed the car will realize that the quick judgement of others helps no one.

“Don’t take your anger about what’s going on in society out on someone that you have no idea who they are, what they’re doing with their life, or the path that they’ve chosen, and what kind of advocate or ally they are,” Beardall said.

She said she had filed a police report, but isn’t confident much will come of it because there was no security camera footage.