McAdams keeps campaign promise, votes against Pelosi as Speaker of the House

Rep. Ben McAdams{ }{ }

(KUTV) — After winning a hotly contested race for Utah's 4th Congressional District, Rep. Ben McAdams kept a campaign promise by not voting for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House.

He voted instead for Rep. Stephanie Murphy from Florida.

"Moving forward, I will work with the House Speaker, Democrats and Republicans in Congress to do what's good for Utah," he wrote in a tweet.

McAdams, mayor of Salt Lake County before his successful run as a Democrat against Mia Love, the Republican incumbent, won the election by just hundreds of votes in a traditionally Republican state. The vote took weeks to get a final result as Utah County and Salt Lake County counted mail-in ballots, absentee ballots and other votes, creating a tense period for voters and the candidates.

The vote also helped cement a Democrat bid to take back the U.S. House, breaking the Republican control of the House, Senate and presidency for the last two years.

Pelosi's name surfaced during the campaign with advertisements suggesting McAdams would work well with then Senate Minority Leader Pelosi, who Utah Policy called a "bogeyman in Utah politics." Love's camp also criticized him for working with the Clintons. He interned in the Clinton White House.

McAdams said repeatedly he would not support Pelosi in her bid for speaker.