UPDATE: 2News viewer finds missing dog lost on TRAX

2News viewer finds missing dog lost on TRAX. (Photo: UTA)

(UPDATE 8:00 p.m.) -- The missing dog has been found and reunited with his owner.

A 2News viewer saw Brian Mullahy's report on TV and called in a tip to UTA police.

Carl Arky with UTA says a woman walked out of her building in the City Creek area downtown Salt Lake City.

She noticed a boy had a dog, anc told him she thought it was cute.

The boy told her it wasn't his.

Eventually, her building manager took the dog in until the woman saw the story and realized it was the missing dog.

They then contacked UTA police who worked to return the dog to his owner.

Original story below.

(KUTV) -- Ride UTA is the Twitter handle for the Utah Transit Authority, and in downtown Salt Lake, a Trax train gave a small dog a ride without its owner.

“I miss the dog. I know the dog misses me,” said Mike Priest, a homeless man who said he’s cared for little ‘Punky’---otherwise known as ‘Eleanor’---for nine months. “I’d like to get her home.”

It was Wednesday night when Mike was at the City Creek Station, and boarded Trax with his dog. Mike then stepped outside to help a friend with groceries and the doors to the train closed.

“I turned around, and the train was leaving,” he said.

His friend, Chris Coons, ran to the next train stop a couple of blocks away, but it was too late to get on board and search for Punky.

“I got to the end of the platform just as the train was pulling away,” said Coons.

UTA now has images of a man stepping off a train with the dog at the Central Point Station at 2100 South. A spokesman said the transit authority was not yet prepared to share the images, but UTA police are investigating.

So far, Punky has not been found.

“We’ve checked the shelters, we’ve checked the pound, we’ve checked UTA,” said Priest.

If you know where Punky is, call UTA, police or the animal shelter.

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