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More than 800 people currently missing in Utah

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There are more than 800 people listed on the Utah Missing Persons Clearinghouse.

The search for Gabby Petito brought attention to the hundreds of other missing people who often haven't gotten the same spotlight.

There are more than 800 people listed on the Utah Missing Persons Clearinghouse. The list is of people who have been reported missing to law enforcement, and families have signed a waiver to have the information listed for the public.

Mandy Biesinger, with the Bureau of Criminal Identification, oversees the missing person's clearing house. She said it’s important to always keep recent pictures of loved ones in case they were to go missing.

"I mean we can look at the case with Gabby right, they had time stamps on her social media that put her in certain places. As well as then the public was like I was there too, did I see that car, did I see that couple,” she said.

The site shares pictures, relevant information about the missing person and who to contact with tips.

The Bureau of Criminal Identification also has an unidentified persons database for when a body is found that does not match any of the missing persons. It is listed there with whatever identifying information they have to help reunite them with loved ones.

The search for Gabby Petito has been painful for many of the families whose loved one’s are not getting as big of a spotlight.

The group "We Help the Missing" is looking for some missing in Utah and others across the country.

President and CEO Marki Davis said the search for Gabby was hard for the families not getting the same attention for their loved ones.

"Oh, it's absolutely tough on them,” Davis said.

The non-profit has teams of private investigators who search for the missing, no matter where they are or how long they've been missing.

Currently, they are working on finding Utahns from Salt Lake City, Murray and Ogden. Like 21-year-old Eztli Trujillo, who hasn't been seen since April 2020. Davis said Eztli got in a car crash, and a Grub Hub driver offered to pick them up after his delivery.

"When the driver came back, Ez was gone,” she said.

Davis is also looking for Danny Scott, who went missing from Murray in 1997.

"Somebody came to the door, a female. He's in a T-shirt and shorts, January 1st. Said ‘I'll be right back’ to his little sister, went out with this girl and never returned," she said.

Davis said she hasn't given up hope on finding another Utahn, Dennis Anderson. She said he was likely homeless when he went missing in 2001.

"Possibly moved out of the state when they moved the homeless out for the Olympics," she said.

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Even cases that are nearly 30 years old are still being pursued, like Bobbi Ann Campbell. She was a mother to a 5-year-old who went missing from Salt Lake City in 1994.

“She left her daughter one day to go pick up a check and go shopping, and never returned," Davis said.

Davis added that no matter how much time passes, she will never stop.

"Never, never give up. No we won't. The families get in our hearts, and the cases get in our hearts," she said. "There's no way we would give up."