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Mother allegedly stabs 8-year-old son in throat with scissors at St. George motel

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The mother of an 8-year-old boy was arrested following an alleged attack on her child that left him with potentially life-threatening injuries in a St. George Motel 6. (Photo: KUTV)

The mother of an 8-year-old boy was arrested following an alleged attack on the child that left him with potentially life-threatening injuries at a St. George Motel 6.

A probable causes statement for the mother, Megan Michelle Stewart, said the events took place at a Motel 6 at 205 N. 1000 East on August 26.

Police said they were contacted by staff from the motel who told them they witnessed the young boy running through a nearby alley screaming for help and that his mother was "trying to suffocate him." This happened at approximately 9 a.m. according to the motel staff.

Stewart was seen following him and talked to the staff before both Stewart and the child returned to their room.

The arrest affidavit for Stewart said approximately two hours later, the management desk received a call from a housekeeper who, according to a witness statement, said they saw the boy outside of the room saying his mom wanted to "kill him."

The child went back into the room and the housekeeper contacted police.

Moments after, the housekeeper returned to the room and found the child lying on the bed and "there was blood all over the room." Earlier reports noted that the child had suffered "multiple neck lacerations".

The employee immediately believed the child was dead. The arrest affidavit for Stewart noted that the 8-year-old was taken into surgery at the hospital. Earlier police statements said the child is expected to survive his injuries.

Authorities later found Stewart after she walked off Motel 6 property and detained her.

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During questioning, the probable cause statements said Stewart admitted that she was at Motel 6 with the child and attempted to suffocate him with a pillow. She also admitted to stabbing him in the throat with scissors. A pair of scissors was later discovered at the scene.

Stewart continued and told police she was "high". When police asked why she stabbed the child she said she "had to" and stated it was for "Satan" and/or "Mother Mary," according to the police report.

According to police, Stewart was on probation for DUI and had an active protective order out of Colorado where the child is listed as the protected person. She also has an active warrant out of Washington County Justice Court for domestic violence-related charges.

She was booked into Washington County jail following the latest incident on the offenses of child abuse, attempted murder and violation of a protective order.