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Over 20 students injured in riot at Red Rock Canyon School in St. George

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Multiple injuries as riot breaks out at Red Rock Canyon School in St. George. (Photo: Ben Pollchik, KUTV)

UPDATE: (April 29, 6:02 a.m.) -- As many as 25 students were injured and at least five were taken into custody after a riot broke out at Red Rock Canyon School on Sunday night.

Originally, St. George police thought the students had weapons. They later discovered the teenagers, between the ages of 12 and 18, were fist fighting.

Twenty-five students were injured and checked out by medical personnel. Of those students, 20 were transported to a local hospital; four by ambulance and one by police.

The fight was started by two people, police say.

Extra police patrols will be at the school on Monday.

Three more juveniles may also be taken into custody at a later time, according to police. The investigation is ongoing.

(KUTV) -- There are multiple injuries and at least one person in custody Sunday after a riot broke out at Red Rock Canyon School in St. George.

2News is on scene, where there were at least two people taken away by ambulance, and one person in police custody.

A SWAT team is responding to the riot.

Red Rock Canyon School is an "adolescent residential treatment center" for those between 12 and 18 years of age "who require structure and treatment beyond that available in traditional outpatient clinics & intensive outpatient services," according to the school's website.

Details on the number of injuries, the seriousness of injuries, or the reason why the riot broke out are all currently under investigation.

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