New 700 sq. ft. mural unveiled in Salt Lake City, along with mural-finding app

New 700 sq. ft. mural unveiled in Salt Lake City, along with mural-finding app. (Photo: Adam Forgie, KUTV)

The once dusty gray side of an inconspicuous downtown parking garage is now bursting with color and creativity after the completion of a new mural in Salt Lake City.

Created by local artist Chris Peterson, the "Broadway & Edison" mural pays homage to the street where it's located; Edison St.

Edison Street just so happens to be the first street in Salt Lake City to be electronically lit, hence why it's named after Thomas Edison.

You can see photos of the mural in our gallery above or by clicking here.

Peterson's 700 square foot mural was commissioned by "THE BLOCKS," which promotes creativity, art in Salt Lake City. The eight-foot-tall mural stretches along four panels, which are about 20 feet wide each.

You can watch 2News' Ron Bird's interview with Peterson here.

THE BLOCKS’ Program Director Lucas Goodrich said:

We are excited to add additional flair to the neighborhood and celebrate the artists and entrepreneurs that animate Salt Lake City’s cultural core. These projects are made possible by the support of our artist partners, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County and the Salt Lake City Redevelopment Agency.

THE BLOCKS also worked with Liiingo to create an app focusing on Salt Lake City's numerous murals.

A news release about the app states:

[It] catalogs more than 40 murals and public art pieces in downtown Salt Lake City. Art seekers can start their journey by simply scanning QR codes located on plaques adjacent to each art piece or download the app in the App Store, Google Play or Android store beginning November 8.

You can download the app:

A part of the block party was a Volkswagen Bus with a chalkboard instead of paint.

Everyone was encouraged to grab chalk and draw on the VW bus.