New bill introduced for total ban on vaping in Utah

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New bill introduced for total ban on vaping in Utah. (Photo: KUTV)

State Rep. Paul Ray introduced HB375, a bill calling for a total ban on vaping and e-cigarettes in Utah.

The Clearfield Republican explained to that it may be the only way to stop underground and illegal business operations involving the drug.

"I don't want to ban vaping completely," State Rep. Ray told But he claims more business and health regulations on e-cigarettes are not sufficient and that a total ban may be the only real solution to the underlying problem.

The lawmaker believes the illegal purchase and distribution of vaping products ultimately end up in the hands of minors.

“The Senate President (Stuart Adams) said he wants just one vaping bill. Well, I’ve got that bill,” State Rep. Ray told

Other vaping and e-cigarette bills are currently under consideration during this legislative session. State Rep. Ray will see how these other bills will address the problems he wishes to address and then decide whether or not to run HB375.

Leaders from local schools and health organizations met with legislators at the state capitol in January to discuss proposed bills to restricted teens' access to the products.