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Filling up with Tier 3 gas can reduce emissions by up to 80%. Here's where to find it

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A new website shows you exactly where to find Tier 3 gas near you. (Photo: KUTV)

A simple change for cleaner air just got even easier. A new website shows you exactly where to find Tier 3 gas near you.

Tier 3 gas is different from regular gas because is it has less sulfur in it. The less sulfur in your gas, the more effective your car's emission control systems is. So, there's less pollution coming out of your tailpipe.

Tier 3 gas reduces pollution in all vehicles, but it's especially effective in newer ones, reducing emissions by 80%.

"Which is like taking four out of five cars off the road,” said Utah Representative Suzanne Harrison, of House District 32.

Representative Harrison said Tier 3 gas works the same as other gas, costs the same as other gas, and is a much cleaner option. The problem is, many people haven’t heard of it, or don’t know where to get it.

"It really is not that easy to know where to buy Tier 3 gas,” Harrison said.

For the past two years, Harrison has been working on a project to solve that problem.

"" will show you which stations near you have Tier 3 gas.

Three of Utah’s five refineries make Tier 3 gasoline. They sell to stations like Speedway, Chevron, Texaco, Exon, and Shell.

"Choosing to buy gasoline from these stations that are selling it will put additional pressure on some of the refiners that have not yet stepped up to make Tier 3 gas here in Utah,” Harrison said.

While plenty of gas stations are selling the gas, it won't be obvious at the pump. There aren't any stickers on signs telling you that the gas is Tier 3. The best way to be sure is to check the website.