Oversized load hauling semi knocks down power lines, damages two utility poles

Oversized load hauling semi knocks down power lines, damages two utility poles. (Photo: Farmington Fire Department)

A flatbed semi truck hauling an oversized load of a large indesturial forklift knocked down power lines Wednesday afternoon in Farmington.

The accident happened at approximately 2:10 p.m. on 200 East in front of the Farmington Police Station.

The section of 200 East will be closed for 10-12 hours as crews clean up the mess and fix the power lines.

There may also be some power issues in the area during that time frame.

Chief Guido Smith of the Farmington Fire Department says the semi was headed south on 200 East when it clipped some low-hanging utility lines strung across the road.

The lines were pulled down on the truck and two utility poles on each side of 200 East were damaged.

The utility pole next to the police station broke into three pieces, the one on the other side snapped in two.

The driver of the truck stayed in his cab for about an hour after the collision as a precaution against electrical danger.

No one was hurt in the incident.

The truck was allowed to be on the road, according to Utah Highway Patrol, which will not issue a citation.

On the section of 200 East where the incident happened, power lines are required to be 16 to 18 feet above the road.

The lines clipped were hanging below the requirement.

However, it is still to be determined if the utility companies that had the lines strung low across 200 East are at fault.

Smith says there is some question on whether the lines were grandfathered in to a law to be allowed that low.