PHOTOS/VIDEOS: Armed with a gospel choir, Kanye West performs for thousands in SLC

Thousands crowd The Gateway shopping mall downtown Salt Lake City, Utah on Saturday, October 5, 2019 to see a free "Sunday Service" concert by rapper Kanye West and his gospel choir. (Photo: Adam Forgie, KUTV)

Kanye West is in Salt Lake City, but not for General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints... he's here with his own religious service.

West, along with a large gospel choir, delivered a "Sunday Service" downtown Salt Lake City at The Gateway outdoor shopping mall.

2News confirmed news of the impromptu concert on Friday.

You can see photos of the event in our gallery above or by clicking here.

West's performance, which was free and open to the public, was scheduled from noon to 1:30 p.m., which is between sessions of the church's General Conference.

West warned the crowd about serving multiple gods, saying:

When you're serving multiple gods, the god of the ego, the god of money, the god of pride, the god of fame... you see I'm an artist, I'm a creator, I'm a chef, and I can only cook for one single god. I can only serve God. When I was trying to serve multiple gods, it drove me crazy. That's like the greatest chef in the world trying to make a seven-course meal and serve it at eight different houses.

Thousands of fans crowded to get a glimpse of West, holding up their phones to record the concert.

Others climbed up the walls to get onto the roofs of shops at The Gateway to get a view.

West talked about his love for Jesus, but also touched on social media, race, and politics.

West told the crowd:

Right now, there are 1 in 3 African-Americans in jail in this country. Abraham Lincoln was the Whig Party, that was the Republican Party. It was the Republican Party that freed the slaves... They're trying to tell me because of my color who I should be picking as president: 'You black so you can't write Trump.' I ain't never made a decision based on my color. That's a form of slavery. Mental slavery.

West on social media:

Don't read comments on the internet, people don' t know you like that! Social media is designed to make you think slower... They want to slow you down to control you.

West's musical worship gatherings started out as exclusive services for the rich and famous in California, but lately, the rapper has been performing them across the country.

Most recently, West performed a service in Detroit on Sept. 27, and thousands turned out for his performance in Jackson, Wyo. on Sept. 24.

At that service, the rapper performed with a choir of 80 singers flown from California, and "music included 14 choir pieces focused on worship and nontraditional hymns, as well as reworked versions of songs by No Doubt and Nirvana," according to the Associated Press.