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Man who stole SUV from Kaysville tire shop, ditched it a block away leaves owner puzzled

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Man who stole SUV from Kaysville tire shop, ditched it a block away leaves owner puzzled. (Photo: Kaysville Police Department)

A tire shop owner in Kaysville said it makes no sense why a burglar decided to steal an SUV and drive through the garage door of his business.

The entire ordeal was all caught on camera.

But Max Hanson with Big-O Tires in Kaysville said he hope police can identify the man and put him behind bars.

“There’s all sorts of tools everywhere, but, that’s not what he was after,” said Hanson.

Hanson said he was still quite confused why a man broke into his store and stole an SUV this weekend.

“We don’t know what he was doing, makes no sense,” Hanson said.

What’s baffling, he said is it looks like the burglar just got right back into a stolen Audi Kaysville Police said he was driving in before.

“To leave it a half a block away is nuts,” Hanson said.

But the burglar did a lot of damage before leaving, climbing through a broken window, “I don’t know how he got through it without getting cut,” Hanson said.

This all happened at 7 a.m. Saturday morning when employees were arriving for their shifts.

“Brazen or stupid, take your pick,” said Hanson.

The burglar wasn’t able to open the garage, so he ended up driving right through it. Taking out the door and damaging the customer’s Toyota Sequoia he stole.

Hanson said the customer took it well, “We were lucky it was one of our really good customers, he knew it wasn’t our fault.”

The motive as to why he targeted this shop, is still a mystery to Hanson, “He’s a criminal you don’t’ know what’s going through their minds.”

But Hanson said he hopes he finds a place behind bars soon. “It would be nice just to have him caught cause he is still out there. That would be satisfaction for me.”

Layton Police Department confirmed on its Facebook the suspect has been active in Layton too.

If anyone recognizes him or has information you’re asked to call police.

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