Rangers ask for help to find vandals who defaced Zion Nat. Park with large blue squares

Rangers ask for public's help finding vandals who defaced Zion National Park. (Zion National Park) (1).jpg
Vandals painted several large, blue squares at the Kolob Terrace in the northwest corner of Zion National Park in Utah. (Zion National Park)

(KUTV) — Park rangers at Zion National Park are asking for the public's help identifying those responsible for vandalizing sandstone rock formations on the Kolob Terrace in the northwest corner of the park.

Vandals painted large blue squares -- roughly 3' by 3' in size -- on the sandstone one mile south of the Wildcat Trailhead.

Workers have removed most of the paint, which rangers believe to be part of some sort of art or masonry project.

In a news release, rangers said:

While most of the paint was removed, the area still has some paint remaining on the sandstone. Graffiti and other forms of damage to parks are harmful and illegal. Repair of vandalized sites is costly and time consuming. The staff often cannot restore sites and resources to their former condition."

If you know anything that can help rangers identify the vandals, call their tip line at 888-653-0009. You can remain anonymous.