Rep. Ben McAdams raises $525K in three months, among top fundraisers in the House

KUTV Ben McAdams 010317.JPG
Rep. Ben McAdams is quickly approaching the $1 million fundraising mark. (Photo: KUTV)

Rep. Ben McAdams is quickly approaching the $1 million fundraising mark.

After being sworn into office six months ago, the congressman has raised a total of $897,544, according to He raised more than half of the contributions, $525,000, between April and June, according to a press release.

Over 1,000 grassroots contributions were given to the campaign. Utah Democrats, Independents and Republicans also donated to the fund.

“Democrats, Independents, and Republicans support Congressman McAdams' bipartisan, problem-solving work on behalf of our state. Grassroots donors and community leaders from across the political spectrum are stepping forward to keep Ben's independent voice speaking for all of us, regardless of party, in Congress,” Andrew Roberts, McAdams’ campaign manager, stated in a press release.

McAdams' campaign says this report shows he will is well-positioned for a victory in 2020.

McAdams ranked among the top fundraisers in the U.S. House of Representatives. In the first quarter, he ranked at No. 40 and the second quarter he placed 59th, according to

The congressman already has at least two Republican challengers for the 2020 election.

Kathleen Anderson announced her campaign last month. She released a statement saying:

“For the past 34 years, I’ve been blessed to call Utah home. It’s been evident to me that Utahns are committed to the principles of faith, family and hard work,” Anderson said. “Lately, however, I’ve noticed increasing concern with the direction of politics in Washington, and how Utah’s traditional values and voices are being ignored by Rep. Ben McAdams.”

Military veteran John Molnar also declared his intent to run against the congressman.

Mia Love, who McAdams beat in the 2018 election, has teased about possibly running again. However, several Republicans think the rematch is unlikely, according to