'Kid'-napping: six baby goats stolen from Salt Lake farm

goats 2.PNG
Six baby goats stolen from Salt Lake farm (Photo: RaeAnn Christensen, KUTV)

(KUTV) - The search is on for six young victims of a "Kid-napping" from a Salt Lake farm sometime during the night.

“During the night, we put them in here with piglet Olie.” Dalon Hinckley with Cross E Ranch said Monday morning when they went to feed their six kid goats, “We looked and looked and looked.” The baby goats only about three weeks old had vanished, “We had four little Nubian goats and two little Nigerian dwarf goats,” he said.

Still being bottle fed, “The babies are really little,” he said. So while they may have looked really cute to a thief, “It's like somebody has got to be a mommy for six little baby goats and I don’t think most people are mommies to goats these days.” Hinckley said it's likely they don't know how to take care of them, “Most people aren't going to have a goat they can't milk and bottle feed other goats. If an animal is going to die, I don't want it to starve to death. That seems like a pretty cruel and inhumane way to die,” he said.

Making the situation even worse, “He's actually been kind of depressed so we put the goats in with him to see if he would get a little more active and he totally livened up,” Olie the piglet isn't doing well with baby goats gone. “He's just laid there the whole morning. “I don’t think he has friends to play with,” Hinckley said of Olie.

Hinckley said for those who have them they will get hungry and very loud, and he hopes they will just bring the kid goats back, “Put them back here tonight, we'll take care of them right, no questions asked.”

Hinckley said he's installing surveillance throughout the farm now a sad addition, “it's kind of sad that our neighborhood or our society is sort of to the point where we steal baby goats I guess.”

He also said they are offering a reward for information leading to finding the kid goats.

For more information on Cross E Ranch you can click here.