Socially-distanced fishing with Adam Mikulich!

Socially-distanced fishing with Adam Mikulich! (Adam Mikulich, KUTV)

Throughout our time as a socially distanced society, there’s been a renewed interest in plenty of indoor activities, but don’t forget the ones that allow you to enjoy nature and a little fresh air from time to time.

Adam Mikulich recently spent a day on the Weber River with the guys at the Salt Lake Fly Fishing Company, where they were able to abide by the laws of social distancing, while also catching four different species of fish that are native to Utah.

From the beautiful scenery of the natural landscapes of Utah to the fish that inhabit the streams, if you’ve been on the fence about spending some time out on the river these days, this story will only pique your interest not to mention your level of safety while catching fish amongst friends!