St. George chiropractor arrested on 20 counts of sex abuse

St. George chiropractor arrested on 20 counts of sex abuse (Photo: St. George Police / Facebook)

A St. George chiropractor was arrested Wednesday on 20 counts of forcible sexual abuse from multiple patients saying he inappropriately touched them, police reported.

The St. George Police Department arrested Dr. Brent Noorda following patient complaints to the Utah Department of Professional Licensing (DOPL) about his actions during their chiropractic appointments.

SGPD also began receiving complaints about Noorda of Balanced Healthcare, July 30, 2019, a Facebook post stated.

Victims reported inappropriate touching both over and under their clothing. Police stated in their social media post:

Evidence in support of Noorda's arrest indicates his conduct during chiropractic appointments involved inappropriate touching of body parts for sexual gratification, which was criminal in nature, and not in keeping with professional medical standards.

Four victims have been identified with the possibility of others. The investigation is ongoing and the potential for more victims and additional charges are possible, police say.

Detectives with the St. George Police Department are asking anyone with information they believe may be related to the Noorda investigation to the call St. George Police Detective tipline at 435-627-4338.