Step inside 'Downton Abbey' in new mystery escape room in Utah

Step inside 'Downton Abbey' in new mystery escape room in Utah. (Photo: Adam Forgie, KUTV)

UPDATE (7/22/19 11:27 a.m. ) -- Mystery Escape Room owner Les Pardew is has given KUTV an update regarding the escape room.

Upgrades are being made to make the experience better, and fire crews still need to issue a fire safety certificate.

Pardew said:

Downton Abby is closed temporarily for renovation and upgrades. Please visit for information on future availability.

UPDATE (7/19/19 10:10 a.m.) -- Les Pardew, the owned of Mystery Escape Room contacted 2News with an update about the exhibit.

Pardew says the owners of the Downtown Abbey license contacted them saying the opening should be labeled as a test opening, so the public can give input on the escape room.

Pardew said:

I think we want to let people know that they are getting a chance to see the room early and their input will help us make the room better.

Pardew says the license owners want them to make changes to the room.

It's unclear what changes will need to be made.

(KUTV) -- Step back in time to solve an original mystery featuring characters from "Downton Abbey" in the world's only officially licensed mystery escape room based on the show.

NBCUniversal licensed their "Downton Abbey" brand to Mystery Escape Room in Salt Lake City, and it opens for Saturday, July 13 at The Gateway.

You can see photos of what you can expect to see in the escape room by clicking on any of the photos above and by watching this clip:

"If you like puzzles, you're going to have fun. If you like solving mysteries, this is kind of where it's at," said Les Pardew, creator/owner of Mystery Escape Room.

Pardew describes how the story begins in this video clip:

You'll be part of the story in this multi-room mystery where you'll have to put yourself inside the heads of the show's characters to solve some of the clues.

"There's a real creative challenge in taking something that's popular and well-known and making it into its own story," Pardew said.

The wonderful thing about an escape room is that it adds touch to the experience because when you come in here, everything is accessible.

And the clues can be anywhere inside two rooms separated by a hallway, which also contains clues.

It'll feel like you're rummaging around on set.

Les Pardew, owner of Mystery Escape Room at the Gateway, said:

It's like you're visiting Downton Abbey as yourself but you're actually part of the story. It's like being in a movie. It extends the story.

Pardew and his team worked hard to try to make the escape rooms look like you're actually inside Downton Abbey. Pardew said:

We did try and find as much furniture as would could that matched what they had because we want people to feel like they're actually entering the Abbey.

You can bring the entire family to the event, making your kids or even grandpa and grandma part of the mystery you have to solve.

"It's family oriented, all of the rooms are for families," Pardew said, continuing:

This room, in particular, you could bring grandma and her great-grandkids and have a great time as a family.

I sat down with Pardew who was talking about things inside the escape room need to be unbreakable when this clip starts.

"We tested this all last week, we had several beta test groups come through, 100% positive everyone really enjoyed the experience," Pardew said.

Dominic Burns, SVP, Brand Management for NBCUniversal International Studios, which licensed its "Downton Abbey" brand to Pardue's Mystery Escape Room, said:

The recognizable surroundings of Downton will act to heighten tension for fans within the well-known experience of mystery escape rooms. This is a growing genre of immersive entertainment and we expect fans of the show to be thrilled and challenged during their visit.

Mystery Escape Room is located at The Gateway:

  • 130 South Rio Grande Street in Salt Lake City, Utah 84101.
  • Phone: 385-322-2583
  • Open Monday – Saturday from 9 a.m. until 10 p.m.
  • Closed Sundays

About Mystery Escape Room:

Mystery Escape Room is a premier live entertainment venue and one of the first escape rooms in the US. The company offers a variety of unique and engaging escape rooms focused on family friendly immersive experiences where guests explore themed rooms searching for clues to solve a mystery and escape before time runs out. The company is known as a premier operation and is the recipient of 10 Best of State awards since it opened its doors in 2014 and ranked #1 in Fun and Games in Salt Lake City by TripAdvisor.

About Downton Abbey:

Downton Abbey aired for six seasons on MASTERPIECE on PBS in the US and reached more than 26 million viewers in its final season, making it the highest-rated PBS drama series of all time. A Carnival Films/MASTERPIECE co-production, the series was written and created by Julian Fellowes and executive produced by Gareth Neame, Julian Fellowes, Liz Trubridge and Nigel Marchant. The MASTERPIECE Executive Producers were Rebecca Eaton and Susanne Simpson. Downton Abbey is one of the largest UK drama exports of all time, seen in over 250 territories worldwide. With 15 wins and 69 nominations, it is the most nominated non-US show in the history of the Emmys. Also, the winner of three Golden Globes, a special BAFTA and four Screen Actors Guild Awards, the series has captured an extensive fan-base worldwide. Downton Abbey the movie is set to be released later this year. The movie is a Carnival Films production, with Focus Features and Universal Pictures International distributing.