Student in custody for alleged threat against Springville Jr. High

A student was taken into police custody Thursday night for allegedly making threats against Springville Jr. High School.

According to police, the student allegedly said "violent statements" that he planned on carrying out next week at the school.

Patrol officers and a school resource officer worked alongside the school administrators late Thursday night to take the juvenile into custody.

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Extra police presence is at the school Friday "to make sure all your kids are safe," the department posted on its official Facebook page. "Thanks to those who came forward with the information and to the school [administration] for helping us bring this incident to a quick and safe resolution."

The Nebo School District released the following statement:

We are so grateful for students coming forward and letting the administration know of any time they hear of anything suspicious. The administration was quick to inform Springville police of the situation.
We are truly grateful for the quick action of Springville City police and their thorough investigation. An email went out to parents, from the administration, on Thursday evening notifying them that the police were handling the matter and that the person was not on the school campus.
Our first priority is always to keep students safe. We are grateful to our students, parents, staff, administration, and local police that are responsive and supportive in keeping students safe!" said, Lana Hiskey, Communications and Community Relations Administrator.