Test drive results in kidnapping charges for 43-year-old Salt Lake City man

Caleb Gibson.JPG
Test drive results in kidnapping charges for 43-year-old Caleb Robert Gibson was taken into custody by Utah Highway Patrol troopers (Photo: Salt Lake County Jail)

A Salt Lake City man is facing kidnapping charges after taking a test drive in a vehicle with a sales associate in the passenger seat, who alleges excessive speed and noncompliance with returning to the dealership.

Caleb Robert Gibson, 43, went to a car dealership to test drive a vehicle and allegedly began to drive to different locations in Salt Lake City despite the sales associate telling him to go back to the dealership.

The sales associate said he was going to call 911, and while on the phone with a dispatcher, Gibson is said to have begun driving 100 miles per hour on the freeway with the music turned up and the windows down.

According to a police affidavit, the scared sales associate believed that Gibson was doing purposely choosing to behave in that manner so the dispatcher could not hear him provide their location to the dispatcher.

Utah Highway Patrol located the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop, the affidavit stated. Gibson told troopers that he was scared of the sales associate because he kept yelling at him and grabbing the steering wheel in an attempt to make him pull the vehicle over.

Gibson said that he was scared to stop the car and kept driving, the affidavit said. Gibson is now facing second-degree felony for kidnapping.

The affidavit stated the investigating officer was concerned for the sales associate because Gibson knows where he works and "he might go over there to cause problems for the victim."

Individuals charged in affidavits of probable cause are presumed innocent unless or until proven guilty in a court of law.