EXCLUSIVE: 'This person is a danger': Injured skier hopes man who hit her comes forward

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'This person is a danger': Injured skier hopes person who hit her will come forward. (Photo: KUTV)

A woman who was injured at Alta Ski Resort is hoping the skier who hit her will come forward and accept responsibility for the crash.

Rachel, who requested 2News not use her last name, said the crash put her in the hospital for five days.

“I consider it an assault, I don’t consider just a normal accident on the mountain,” Rachel said.

She was skiing at Alta on March 28 around 2 p.m. when a skier came over a hill at a high speed and hit her.

“He jumped, and then used me as a landing pad,” Rachel said.

After her hospitalization in Utah, Rachel returned to her home on the east coast. The Alta Town Marshal has been investigating the case, but so far doesn’t have any leads on the identity of the skier.

“I feel like this person is a danger to everybody else on the mountain,” Rachel said.

Alta Town Marshal Mike Morey said the skier who is suspected of hitting Rachel was wearing a camouflage coat, mustard-colored ski pants and an orange helmet. The skier may face criminal charges for not stopping to render aid.

“The person is dangerous and shouldn’t be skiing with other people,” Rachel said.

The Town of Alta Marshal's Office can be reached at 801-742-3522 or emailed at

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