U of U coach Scalley to remain on staff, after review caused by 2013 racist text

Morgan Scalley (Photo: KUTV)

University of Utah football coach Morgan Scalley will remain with the team after a review of a racist text message he sent previously left him suspended while the matter was investigated.

He also will take a significant pay cut and no longer has a verbal offer to become the head-coach-in-waiting at the university. The news was announced Wednesday by way of a press release from Director of Athletics Mark Harlan and football head coach Kyle Whittingham.

Scalley was suspended June 5 for using a racial slur in a text message in 2013. In June Harlan, Whittingham and Scalley all released statements and the university suspended him while the matter was investigated. At the time Scalley said:

"In 2013 I made a terrible mistake. I used a racial slur in a text message. This language is offensive and hurtful to not only the African-American community but to all. Immediately after sending it, I apologized to the recipient and his family."

The letter announcing the university's decisions also said the school retained the Kansas City law firm of Husch Blackwell to review the matter. It says 35 former and current student-athletes were interviewed and an in-depth conversation was held with the school's 13-member Leadership Council. The letter said in part:

We have thoroughly evaluated all of the information available to us to determine the most appropriate conclusion and path forward. The racist language used by Coach Scalley is inexcusable and harmful to all, particularly to those communities identified in the report. We believe and expect, that he will learn and lead, while owning his past conduct, to rebuild trust, reconcile harm caused and make a positive impact on the lives of student athletes.

The letter says Scally will remain on the coaching staff but the following actions will be taken:

  • Scalley will participate in on-going diversity and inclusion education and is expected to "be a key partner in addressing issues of racism and bias in the Utah Athletics Department, the University and the broader community."
  • His verbally agreed to multi-year contract extension increasing his compensation to $1.1 million will revert to his 2018 level in the form of a one-year term for $525,000.
  • The offer to become coach-in-waiting is rescinded

From his rescinded salary, $100,000 will be supporting the athletic department's student-athlete forum United Together Against Hate.

The report is below, followed by the letter from Whittingham and Harlan.

A letter from Harlen and Whittingham.

Investigative report.