Utah biotech company Zenerchi launches coronavirus initiative, appoints Fugal to board

Utah biotech company Zenerchi launches coronavirus initiative, appoints Fugal to board (Photo: Zenerchi)

Zenerchi™ has leveraged its platform to create educational and time-sensitive content about the coronavirus pandemic.

The YouTube version of the content is available for distribution as a public service announcement that covers both the history and current global status of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to a press release, the company founded by Bryan Brandenburg utilized its platform to create a new level of advanced coronavirus visualizations including the human cell, flu, and COVID-19 along with its nucleus, proteins, and associated chains and amino acid sequences.

Since mid-2019, the company has been expanding the Zenerchi technology platform to empower new wellness and medical uses across industries including entertainment, education, and exhibition, among others.

The company also disclosed it has expanded its initial round of $1.2 million in seed funding from private accredited investors to $1.775 million. The company is preparing for a $5 million funding round later this year with institutional investors and has secured its first paying customer, the news release said.

Additionally, Zenerchi announced a third outside member of the company board, Brandon Fugal. Zenerchi appointed the real estate magnate to its board for assistance with raising capital and advisement for the rapid global expansion.

Fugal said in a prepared statement:

I am proud to be involved with this company as it emerges as the industry’s leader in immersive biomedical simulations and visualizations.

Coronavirus Public Service Media

To support the millions of people now affected in the Coronavirus pandemic, Zenerchi has used its biomedical simulation/visualization and AI solution to provide a new level of visual and educational information. It highlights comparisons of past epidemics. As a system designed to provide real-time 3D tools for visualization down to the level of atoms for use in the biomedical, health, longevity and research industries, this was also an opportunity to test the platform’s ability to support the creation of unique, non-stock 3D images and animations in a fraction of the time required through traditional systems.

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