Utah man arrested for sex abuse of a child after he was reported for exposing himself

Bryce Alan Taylor via St George police.jpg
Bryce Alan Taylor (Photo: St. George Police Department)

A St. George man was arrested on suspicion of three counts of sex abuse of a child after she told police he exposed himself in front of her at a swimming pool.

Investigators from the St. George police department spoke with the girl who told police that Bryce Alan Taylor exposed himself, would persuade her to "front hug" him while he was physically aroused and touched her breasts from behind as part of a "tickle" according to a probable cause statement.

The victim told police that she could feel his erect penis digging into her hip and stomach area and when she tried to give him a side hug because she wasn't comfortable, Taylor would tell her "that's not a real hug," and would move her so they were facing each other. She said he would not let her pull away until he was finished hugging her. He also tickled heer from behind by poking her sides and and arm pits but once fondled her breasts instead. She was 14 or younger at the time of the touching.

Taylor was also accused of hanging his swimming shorts by the side of the pool and then would exit the pool to retrieve his trunks. Before arresting him, police questioned Taylor who denied hugging the victim with an erection. Police also questioned him about showing the victim "anime porn" on his phone at which point he requested an attorney and was arrested.

Documents said he was booked on three counts of sex abuse of a child but was not booked on lewdness involving a child because the statute of limitation is two years from the commission of the crime, not the date when it is reported.