Utah Search & Rescue team saves litter of abandoned puppies stranded in the snow

Utah search and rescue team saves litter of abandoned puppies, found in the snow. (Photo: Weber County Sheriff's Office)

Kat Perry and Cory Holt were sledding in the Ant Flat area on Saturday when they came across an unlikely surprise - a litter of puppies.

Out in the middle of the snow were a Great Pyrenees mother dog and three of her newborns.

According to Perry's Facebook post about the event, she tried to save the dogs herself but she had no food to attract them. That's when Weber County Sheriff's Office sent their search and rescue team to help out on Sunday afternoon.

The team showed up with a rescue sled and were able to save all the puppies. They were about 7 weeks old according to Perry. The rescue team was unable to capture the mother of the puppies.

Perry is currently helping the puppies find suitable homes.