Utah woman convinced delivery man snagged her package

Utah woman convinced delivery man snagged her package (1).png
Utah woman convinced delivery man snagged her package. (Photo: Ginna Roe, KUTV)

‘Tis the season of online shopping with that comes porch pirates. Utah ranks high when it comes to holiday package thieves.

A woman in West Jordan doesn’t have your usual story. She was home when it happened and she said the culprit isn’t who you’d think.

“It’s frustrating that I can’t fully trust things will be safe,” Jackie Richards said.

Her security camera outside her front door captured a man snagging a package from her doorstep.

“You can kind of see his badge right there. You can see the tablet,” she said.

Richards was outside just minutes before. In the video, the man appears to have a tablet and be in uniform. She believes it was the delivery man.

“That’s where I was suspicious, I’m like it kind of looks like the delivery person,” she said.

Richards can’t prove it. From the video, you can’t make out the man’s face. But, she’s convinced he dropped the package off, took a picture showing it arrived and then took it on his way out.

“We work hard to be able to provide Christmas presents for our family and I can’t trust that I can leave it there for more than a minute,” she said.

Richards was notified that her item arrived at her front door, but she never got it.

“That could be a high dollar item that they are waiting on worked hard for and it gets taken away,” she said.

Luckily, it was only a $30 stuffed animal for her daughter. The company where she bought it sent her another one. She also filed a claim with the delivery company but hasn’t heard back.