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Utah woman loses $1,400 cash, stranger looks for, finds and returns almost all of it

A woman lost $1,400 cash in Moab and thanks to a helpful stranger, had almost all of it returned. (FILE photo: KUTV)

When police handle lost property cases, especially involving cash, they don't often end with big smiles.

But the Moab City Police Department bucked that trend when a 22-year-old man not only called police about the cash he found but returned to the area of his discovery to find another $1,000 — just to help out. Police said the man "humbled" them with his selfless actions.

On May 4, a day after a woman reported she lost $1,400 in cast at Moab's City Market's parking lot, the unidentified man called Grand County's dispatch to say he located $300 on a road near the store. The dispatcher advised him that there was a lot more money than that missing, so he returned to the area to look for it.

He managed to find $1,000 more in the area and then called dispatch again to let him know of the discovery. An officer met the man to collect the cash, investigated further and determined that it belonged to the woman who reported her money missing. The cash was returned to her. Moab police said of the experience:

Lost property reports don't usually end like this but we're sure glad this one did. We hope this news puts as big a smile on your face as it did ours!