Utahns prepare as early fall storm brings light snow

snow 2.PNG
Utahns prepare as early fall storm brings light snow (Photo: KUTV)

Homeowners from the west side of the valley to the east bench are bracing for the possibility of the season’s first snow.

The issue concerning most people are all the leaves still on the trees.

“It’s too early, way too early," said James Langenegger, who lives in Magna.

His yard and the street he lives on is filled with tall trees changing colors.

“Usually, us and the neighbors, our trees drop first, which is a good thing,” Langenegger said.

But they might not drop early enough this year. An early deep freeze is expected from a winter like storm that could bring some snow with it some snow.

“Yeah, if it does snow, I hope it don’t break any more branches,” Langenegger said with a chuckle.

If they come down, so, too, can power lines.

“There’s nothing I can really do about that, other than cross my fingers; hopefully it won’t happen,” Lamgenegger said.

Early in the year, a storm knocked down tree limbs, knocking power out to people in the valley. If that happens during this storm, Spencer Hall with Rocky Mountain Power says crews will be ready.

"We always watch when the weather turns. We’re always watching, so we have crews looking this weekend to make sure they’re ready," Hall said.

Hall says if you see a downed power line, to treat it as if it’s live. He says to not touch or go near it, adding, “our system depends on everyone reporting it, so if power goes out to your home, report that outage.”

Which is a call Langenegger is prepared to make, but hopes he doesn’t have to.

"Yeah, we’ve got a little buddy in the garage — that’s propane — that we can use if we need to.”