VIDEO: Unified PD called to capture pig, joke that it's one of their own

unified pig 3.JPG
Police body camera footage recorded the capture of a rogue pig in Magna, Utah. (Photo: Unified Police)

After the Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake made a self-effacing pig joke on a video of police action, nobody can accuse the department of not having a sense of humor.

Police used what appears to be body camera footage to document a Jan. 9 chase of a crafty pig in Magna, Utah. With a tongue-in-cheek post on its Facebook page, it used #sameteambro and "Dueling Banjo" music to highlight the video that starts with a "Star Wars" style movie crawl.

No amount of training, could prepare these officers for what they were about to face...

"Officers ... were forced to handle a situation they will not soon forget," the Facebook post said. "It's extremely difficult when you are tasked with chasing down and capturing one of your own." And it did look difficult as officers chased around the fleet-footed barn animal that managed to elude officers several times.

The 1 minute 43 second video is mostly shown in high speed and chronicles the challenge of taking a four-footed animal into custody with flashlights, a yellow rope and eventually, human hands.

The video says no pigs were harmed in the making of the video and the porcine fugitive was taken to county animal services and was eventually reunited with its owner.