Update: West Jordan issues precautionary water boil advisory for 11 homes

Water boil order. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons / MGN)

UPDATE: West Jordan said Tuesday only 11 homes were in danger of a water contamination, not the city of West Jordan. The city issued a press release Tuesday afternoon that it said the water boil advisory was issued to about 150 residents in the Sienna Vista neighborhood, an area near 7000 South and 5600 West.

The Division of Drinking Water advised the city to distribute a precautionary boil advisory. A flyer given to residents incorrectly stated the State Division of Water Quality advised the advisory be issued.

Tests from the possibly contaminated water are expected to be completed around 4 p.m. Tuesday. The full text of the press release is at the end of this story.

(KUTV) — The City of West Jordan's Water Division issued a boiling advisory after a possible cross connection of the city's irrigation water and its drinking water was detected, the advisory states.

A resident was filling an empty pipe with culinary water, but the pipe was not pressurized, according to West Jordan Police. Because it was culinary, and not canal water, it is likely that there is no danger of anyone's water being contaminated.

Crews have already removed the water pipe connection linking the two water sources.

Of the estimated 150 fliers sent out to West Jordan residents on Monday evening, only 11 homes are realistically affected, police state.

The boil water notice is precautionary, police say.

Water samples have been submitted for laboratory testing.

"As a precaution, we've been asked by the State Division of Water Quality to issue a boiling advisory," the advisory states. "That means it is advised, but not required, that as a precaution you do not drink the water or use the water during food preparation in your home for at least 48 hours without first boiling the water."

West Jordan water officials do not believe that public health is at risk. They state that the advisory was put in place as they wait for the lab results.

"Please take whatever precautions necessary regarding this unfortunate incident," the advisory states.

According to the news release, West Jordan water officials recommend the following safeguards in light of the boiling advisory:

  1. Drinking water: Use boiled or bottled water. If you use boiled water for drinking, the taste may be improved by transferring the boiled water from container to container to aerate it. (Water filtering units may not remove all contaminants)
  2. Washing produce/produce sprayers: Use only boiled or bottled water to wash produce. Disconnect all produce sprayers in retail areas. Consider using bagged, pre-washed, ready-to-eat produce, frozen or canned produce.
  3. Preparing, cooking or reconstituting food: Use boiled or bottled water only. Discard all food that may have been prepared during a water interruption or Boiling Advisory.
  4. Cleaning and sanitizing of tableware, kitchenware, vending machine components and food contact surfaces: Use boiled water for all compartments of a three-compartment sink. Do not use dish washing machines. Hot water or chemical sanitizer may not be adequate if the water is contaminated with parasites.

In the news release, West Jordan water officials recommend the following after the boil advisory is lifted:

  • Flush the building's water lines for at least two minutes
  • Clean faucet screens
  • Clean the water line strainers on mechanical dish washing machines and similar equipment
  • Purge all water-using fixtures and appliances of standing water (ice machines, beverage makers, hot water heaters, etc.)
  • Clean and sanitize all fixtures, sinks and equipment connected to the waterlines

According to police, it is "highly unlikely" that there is any real contamination danger.

While initial tests show that levels are fine, they are still waiting on further testing.

The press release from West Jordan is below:

West Jordan, UT (June 12, 2018) — A precautionary boil water advisory was distributed to about 150 West Jordan residents in the Sienna Vista neighborhood (in the area of 7000 South 5600 West) yesterday at about 5 p.m. (Only 11 homes were potentially directly impacted.)
West Jordan Water Division staff were called out to investigate a water leak and found a cross connection issue where a culinary water line was feeding into an empty, unused, unpressurized secondary irrigation line. City staff immediately severed the connection and reported it to the state per protocol. The Division of Drinking Water advised the city to distribute a precautionary boil advisory.
Staff performed a chlorine residual test on-site, which showed chlorine residuals were well within normal operating range. (If they were low, there would be cause for concern because that would indicate chlorine was fighting bacteria.)
Samples were taken yesterday. The Water Division is waiting for test results and expects to have those back today about 4 p.m. If there is a problem, the city will immediately let affected residents know and take appropriate action. Because the leak involved culinary water into an unpressurized pipe, and because city staff discovered the problem and took immediate action, it is highly unlikely there is an issue with the water quality. The safety and integrity of our water system is the top priority for the West Jordan Water Division.