West Valley City opens new public safety building as part of downtown development

West Valley City debuts new public safety building. (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) – West Valley City leaders celebrated Tuesday afternoon as they opened a new public safety building that will house the city’s police and fire departments.

The 66,000 square foot building will replace the city’s current police headquarters which is just an old office building that was never designed to house police services.

“We really needed this new facility,” West Valley City manager Wayne Pyle said.

The public safety building is located in the heart of city’s Fairbourne Station development – a visioned downtown for the city. Fairbourne Station combines mixed-use developments including new offices, hotels, apartments, and retail shops.

“Some of the projects that we’ve planned for so long and put so much effort into are coming to fruition,” Pyle said.

The city funded the $25-million public safety building by rolling over financing from projects that were recently paid off. Pyle said there was no tax increase needed to pay for the building.

Along with the new public safety building, the West Valley City Police Department unveiled new graphics on their police cruisers.