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Woman continuously yelled at for solicitation calls she didn't make

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Woman continuously yelled at for solicitation calls she didn't make (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) — Imagine being called and told off for something you didn't do. It's happening to a West Bountiful woman all day, every day and she decided to Get Gephardt to investigate.

The harassing calls never seem to stop at Chree Martin's house. But here's the really strange part: most of the callers are mad at Martin claiming they're tired of being harassed by her.

It seems somebody has disguised their number to appear as Martin's number on caller IDs. That somebody is calling Utahns, claiming to have a great offer for solar panels. Then it is Martin who is getting the ticked-off call-backs.

She's not the only one frustrated by all of this.

Andrew Hansen owns American Solar Power, a Utah company that's been around for 10 years. Whoever it is that is calling from Martin’s number, claiming to be selling solar panels, is using the name American Solar. Hansen said his office is also getting calls from strangers demanding the solicitations end.

"American Solar Power is not trying to rip people off. We are American Solar Power, and another company is trying to use our good name and may or may not be trying to rip people off," he said.

With the growing popularity of solar, there have been reports of unscrupulous salesmen, or con-men, trying to cash in. In some cases, someone may show up at your door, take a deposit, then vanish - and since they used a bogus name and a bogus number, you can't track them down.

Hansen said he hates the idea of anybody being ripped off, but has a sure fire way you can weed out whether or not the call is from his company – it isn’t!

"We are not doing any type of telemarketing, so if you receive a cold call from us, where you haven't requested a call or already called us, that is not American Solar Power," he said.

As for Martin, she's unplugged her phone.

"I want the phone to stop ringing!" she said.

There are all sorts of websites and apps that can allow you to mask your number and have it show up as something else on caller IDs. She said she’s learned that you can’t trust your caller ID and hope others who read this story will stop calling and yelling at her.