Worker arrested for allegedly recording teen girl while she dressed in her bedroom

Jay Magnuson via Utah County Sheriff's Office .jpg
Jay Magnuson (Photo: Utah County Sheriff's Office)

(KUTV) — An electrician was arrested for allegedly recording a teen through a vent after she got out of the shower. The suspect was working on unfinished portions of her home while it was under construction.

Utah County Sheriff's Office said after meeting with detectives, Lynn Magnuson, 29, was arrested on three felony counts of sexual exploitation of a minor and a misdemeanor count of voyeurism. He was working on the girl's family home in Eagle Mountain, Utah.

The teen reportedly spotted an iPhone through a vent in her bedroom that she believed was observing her, including while she wasn't dressed, and said she saw it move. She texted her mother and said she was afraid of what would happen if she called.

Magnuson was reportedly working on an unfinished portion of the girl's home as an electrician while the girl was in the finished portion that was not accessible from where work was being done. The girl's mother called the construction contractor and asked him to order workers off the property. Magnuson left the property before the girls' parents arrived home.

Detectives reportedly met with Magnuson when he admitted to using his iPhone to record the girl, including while she was't dressed. He deleted any video he may have taken of the girl but police found evidence that he had searched on his phone's web browser with terms related to "hidden" cameras and "changing in locker rooms."

Magnuson was arrested Tuesday with bail set at $10,000 cash on bond. The case is still under investigation.