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'Mormons vs. Mullets' shirt nets Coastal Carolina student national TV moment

nick papantonis - mormons vs mullets .jpg
Taylor Diveley poses with his t-shirt in front of Brooks Stadium. Diveley and his brother, Noah, thought of the shirts less than 48 hours before CCU's matchup with BYU (Nick Papantonis/WPDE)

CONWAY, S.C. (WPDE) — It was the must-have item from the CCU vs. BYU game over the weekend, featured on national television -- and was conceived less than 48 hours before kickoff.

Taylor Diveley looked back at his whirlwind-like few days with a mixture of shock and laughter. When his brother, Noah, texted him with a simple, but funny idea for a t-shirt Thursday morning, never did he imagine the rapid-paced journey it would take him on.

Yet, there he was, talking to a reporter outside Brooks Stadium while wearing his now-famous white, teal and bronze item of clothing that read: "Mormons vs. Mullets."

"There's a fantastic opportunity here for something," Diveley recalled telling his brother. "Usually I'm the one who comes up with ideas and he's the business side of it. This time it was 50-50. I was like, 'What if we actually do it?'"

Diveley said he was no stranger to being the center of attention. A music major by day, he said a few of his hijinks have made some waves in the past. He specifically recalled walking around downtown Charlotte in a grape costume.

This was different. The text message came minutes after the switch in opponents was announced, meaning Diveley would have to find someone willing to print a few dozen shirts in less than 48 hours.

After half a dozen "nos" from local printing companies, he found one that could turn his order around in a day. He purchased 50.

At 4 p.m. Friday, Diveley picked up the box and posted a picture of him wearing a shirt on Twitter.

He sold out in less than 12 hours.

"I had people come from Myrtle Beach, from Loris to pick up a shirt at my apartment," he said.

One XL shirt was special: it was reserved for the ESPN sideline reporter who reached out to him, asking if he could wear it during the game's broadcast.

As the reporter was talking about it some time mid-game, the camera cut to Diveley, wearing a shirt of his own and dancing in the stands.

"I wasn't taking myself too seriously," he said. "I was like, 'This is super cool.'"

As of 3 p.m. Monday, Diveley said he's sold close to 1,000 shirts, mostly online and in the CCU color scheme (it's also sold in BYU's navy). He said people are now buying them as Christmas gifts.

"Sales are doing pretty good right now," he laughed. "It helps that we won the game."

Diveley calculated that he had made about $4,500 from the sales, which Diveley described as "textbook money."

Though he's gotten requests to create a shirt for the upcoming Sun Belt Championship game between the Chanticleers and Louisiana-Lafayette, he hadn't committed to it. He said the shirts were meant to be a fun way to celebrate CCU's big weekend. He added that he wanted to be conscious about making money off the football team's hard work.

Feedback, though, has been positive. Diveley said his friends have bombarded him with text messages and a number of his professors and members of CCU's football team have congratulated him on his success.

The budding entrepreneur has made a good effort to remain humble.

"We got very lucky with a lot of things lining up here," he said. "If we think of a really good idea, sure, but I don't want to force it."

If you'd like to buy a shirt, you can click here.