Deaf woman sits in drive-thru for 2 hours because worker refuses to take her order

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Deaf woman sits in drive-thru for 2 hours because worker refuses to take her order. (Photo:{ }ReVae Arnaud-Jensen Facebook video screengrab)

A deaf woman in Campbell, Calif. says she was discriminated against by a Jack in Box employee who would only take her order to drive back to the speaker to order.

ReVae Arnaud-Jensen posted a video of the incident on Facebook, embedded below, which shows the now-fired employee yelling, and berating her as she tries to explain that she can't hear him through the speaker, but can read lips, which is why she pulled forward to the window.

Arnaud-Jensen's Facebook caption reads:

Employee of Jack in the Box refused to accept any orders from me. He yelled at me to leave and go drive back to the speaker to order. I repeatedly told him that I am Deaf. Towards the end of the video, once he realized he was being recorded he changed faces and mockingly gestured at the video. I refused to leave the window until I received an order. Sat there for two hours.

According to WTAP, Arnaud-Jensen is a single mother of three who is demanding that Jack in the Box properly train their employees and CEO to better understand deaf culture.

Arnaud-Jensen refused to leave until she got her order. Two hours later, still with no order, she left.

"I was just fed up, the constant, you know, telling us to go, when it should be equal access,” Arnaud-Jensen told WTAP. “This needs to stop. It’s very common everywhere. It needs to stop. This is 2019. I fight for equal access. And I feel awful. I feel like it was my fault.”

The store manager told Arnaud-Jensen that the employee was fired, but she still intends to pursue legal action telling WTAP:

Things done to us, not OK. I will stand and fight for that, for everyone in the community. It’s for you guys, the community, not me but for them, so there will be no more suffering for the deaf community.

Jack in the Box issued a statement saying, in part:

We do not tolerate the mistreatment of any customers and expect employees to follow all training procedures, be respectful, courteous and accommodating to all guests.