Dream job: Make $1,000 to review new iPhone 11

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How to disable iPhone's hidden Frequent Locations feature that tracks your every move. (CBS NEWS)

Want to make $1,000 for testing out the newst iPhone before it comes out?

Then the company WhisteOut has a job for you.

The company is looking for "the biggest iPhone enthusiast to review the new iPhone 11 when it comes out this fall," WhisteOut spokesperson Sherri Riggs told 2News, continuing:

We're going pay them $1,000 to review the iPhone and on top of the $1,000 we're also going to let them keep the iPhone.

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According to WhisteOut, the iPhone Dream Job Requirements:

  • Must be a true iPhone fan who has owned previous iPhone versions
  • Must be available to test and provide a review of the phone within a week after delivery.
  • Must be able to provide your own phone service for the device

In reviewing the new iPhone you'll doing just about everything. From testing the camera and battery life to the "nitty-gritty of the interface."

You'll have a week to test the phone and write a review.

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You can learn more about the job, including how to apply, here.

According to their website, "WhistleOut is a search engine designed to take the effort out of finding the services you need to connect with the world. Our detailed search tools will find exactly what you are looking for."