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Each state's most-Googled relationship questions

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Couple making out in the rain. (Getty Images)

Meaningful relationships can be difficult to first obtain, and then maintain -- and that's where Google comes into play.

A new study looked at each state's (and Washington, D.C.'s) "most-Googled relationship questions" to get a taste of what folks across the country want to know when it comes to relationships.

This is the third-annual study, done by CenturyLinkQuote, which has been done in each of the past three years just before Valentine's Day.

Twenty states shared the number one most-Googled question: "What are the best dating apps?" Research from Pew shows that three in ten Americans have used a dating app, with 48% of those between the ages of 18-29 having used dating apps.

Seven states, including Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming, shared the second most-Googled relationship question: "How to kiss?" This is the third year in a row that Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming asked Google "How to kiss."


  • Alabama - When to text back
  • Alaska - How to kiss
  • Arizona - Best dating apps
  • Arkansas - Does he like me?
  • California - Best dating apps
  • Colorado - Am I in love?
  • Connecticut - Best dating apps
  • Delaware - Best dating apps
  • Florida - Am I in love?
  • Georgia - Does he like me?
  • Hawaii - How to kiss
  • Idaho - How to kiss
  • Illinois - Best dating apps
  • Indiana - Best dating apps
  • Iowa - When to say "I love you"
  • Kansas - Best dating apps
  • Kentucky - When to text back
  • Louisiana - Am I in love?
  • Maine - Am I in love?
  • Maryland - Does he like me?
  • Massachusetts - Best dating apps
  • Michigan - When to text back
  • Minnesota - Does he like me?
  • Mississippi - Does he like me?
  • Missouri - How to get over a breakup
  • Montana - Am I in love?
  • Nebraska - Best dating apps
  • Nevada - Best dating apps
  • New Hampshire - Am I in love?
  • New Jersey - Best dating apps
  • New Mexico - Does she like me?
  • New York - Best dating apps
  • North Carolina - Best dating apps
  • North Dakota - Does he like me?
  • Ohio - Best dating apps
  • Oklahoma - When to say "I love you"
  • Oregon - Best dating apps
  • Pennsylvania - Best dating apps
  • Rhode Island - Best dating apps
  • South Carolina -When to text back
  • South Dakota - How to kiss
  • Tennessee - When to text back
  • Texas - When to text back
  • Utah - How to kiss
  • Vermont - How to kiss
  • Virginia - Best dating apps
  • Washington - Best dating apps
  • Washington, D.C. - Best dating apps
  • West Virginia -Does she like me?
  • Wisconsin -How to get over a breakup
  • Wyoming - How to kiss


"To find each state’s burning love question, the team at CenturyLinkQuote used Google search volume to determine which question was asked the most," the study's author's stated.

KUTV did not commission nor participate in this study and cannot independently verify its results.