Florida, of course: Uninvited gator interrupts family's Thanksgiving

Alligator water.jpg
Florida, of course: Uninvited gator interrupts family's Thanksgiving. (Photo: craigles75 via Flikr via MGN)

A Florida family refused to make room at their Thanksgiving table for an uninvited guest, who was so angry at being left out that he repeatedly slammed the front door.

Homeowner Chhaa Behary says she peeked through her window to get a good look at the unwanted visitor and saw what she called a "gigantic" alligator smacking her door with its tail.

Why her house, she asked. Did the gator smell turkey? Did he want to talk politics at the table?

CBS Miami reports that her fiancee called animal control, which arrived within minutes. The gator did not go gently into the night.

Behary said:

They were just trying to get him out but he was like rolling all the way through.

Behary said their neighborhood in Fort Myers is surrounded by the alligators' natural habitat, and it's a good reminder to be careful with children and pets when walking outdoors in the dark.

One of Behary's neighbors says this isn't the neighborhood's first gator experience:

We got lakes out here, like three of them. So you’ll see gators just pop up.


Information from: WFOR-TV,