Ghostbusters' 'Ecto-1' spotted in Centerville

ghostbusters in centerville.jpg
The Ectomobile, a.k.a. "Ecto-1" was spotted in Centerville Wednesday evening. (Photo: Nick Smith of

You already know what I'm going to ask: "Who ya gonna call?" Well, if you're in Centerville, Utah... it's the Ghostbusters.

That's because the Ectomobile was spotted in Centerville on Wednesday at 5:30 p.m.

Utah resident Nick Smith, spotted "Ecto-1" on Parish Lane just as the sun was beginning to set and snapped a few pictures for his son.

Smith told 2News:

[Seeing it] brought back a ton of memories. The Ghostbusters are super iconic to me. I'd just dropped my son off at football practice and was heading home. I always take photos of rare cars to share with him, so anytime I see something unique I capture it on my phone and send it to him. Just my way of staying connected with him. This is seriously one of the coolest cars I've seen in person so I took several shots. Perfect time of year for that car too!

You can see all three photos in our gallery above. or by clicking here.

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Smith, who runs Clearpath Training, initially posted the photo to Reddit:

You can actually rent the Ectomobile, along with a Delorean popularized by Back to the Future, and Scooby-Doo's Mystery Machine. Learn more here.