Grandparents stop man who broke into home, tried to take 6-year-old granddaughter

Benjamin Dillon mugshot. (Photo: Boone County (Ind.) Sheriff's Office)

Some alert grandparents in Indiana were able to stop a man who police say broke into their home and tried to take their 6-year-old granddaughter, according to WXIN.

Lebanon Indiana Police say 37-year-old Benjamin Dillon busted in the front door of grandmother Patty Roth's home on the night of June 10, waking her up.

Roth told Fox 59 about the ordeal:

I was sound asleep in my bedroom and this guy came kicking in and said, 'You have my daughter,' I was nervous, very nervous. I was shaking so bad.

Police say Dillon claimed the girl was his daughter and that he was going to take her.

Roth's husband was able to get Dillon out of the apartment until officers arrived.

The girl was not hurt.

Police say when they showed up, Dillon got aggressive and tried to fight officers, who used a Taser several times to subdue Dillon.

The girl's grandparents think Dillon was on drugs. Records show two drugs arrests for Dillon just in 2019.

Roth told Fox 59:

I don’t understand why he picked our apartment. I’ll never figure that one out. I hope he gets the help he needs and I hope he gets himself back on his feet.

While Roth says she wants Dillon to get help, she also gave him a warning:

I wouldn’t want him walking back in my apartment again. He will regret it the next time.

While this incident happened in June, news of Dillon's alleged crimes began to go viral in August.