Hypnotist sought to veganize man before Thanksgiving with girlfriend's meat-hating family

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Vegan Thanksgiving. (Getty Images)

A woman who is desperately trying to change her boyfriend into a vegan in time to spend Thanksgiving with her meat-hating family, is now seeking a hypnotist to get the job done after numerous failed attempts to even get him to sample vegan cuisine.

She's so eager to veganize her beau that she's willing to pay up to $1,000 for the right hypnotist -- one who can successfully "remove her boyfriend's fear" of eating vegan food before he meets her vegan family for the first time.

The boyfriend does not want to even consider vegan food because he is worried it will impact his gym routine and physique because of a lack of protein. Studies have shown, however, that balanced vegan diet can provide "sufficient levels of protein."

On top of that, he he is also worried that he will vomit because of the textures of certain vegan foods such as tofu and eggplant. The fear of trying new foods is a form of neophobia, which is a fear of trying new things.

While the woman says she loves her partner, his unwillingness to try vegan food is jeopardizing their relationship so much that he's willing to try hypnotherapy to save things between the couple. Some members of the woman's family refuse to not only be around meat but refuse to be around anyone who eats meat.

Not sure what to do, the woman contacted the vegan fitness website requesting help to find a hypnotist for her unique situation. The founder of the site, Jason Hughes, talked about people worried about veganism affecting their fitness routines, saying:

It is one of our most common enquiries and part of the reason I had behind launching VeganLiftz in the first place; and that is simply that there is still a misconception that a plant-based diet can’t provide sufficient protein for bodybuilding and high intensity workouts. You only have to look at Patrick Baboumian, one of the world’s strongest men to see that it is entirely possible to achieve and even excel your fitness aspirations on a vegan diet."
[While] that may be a common enquiry, however, this is the first time we have ever had anyone consider hypnotherapy! If there are any hypnotists out there that believe they can help in this situation, we would love for you to get in touch and save this relationship!”

Hypnotists that are able and willing to help the woman convert her boyfriend into a vegan can apply here.