Man chokes cashier for putting chips and canned goods in same bag, police say

bower chokes cashier blue.png
Bradley Alan Bower mugshot. (Photo: Fairview Township Police Department)

A man who didn't want several bags of chips smashed by canned goods allegedly choked a cashier for doing just that, police in Pennsylvania say.

According to the York Dispatch, Bradley Bower, 55, is charged with simple assault for the alleged attack, which happened the night before the Super Bowl.

Bower and his wife were checking out of Giant Food Store, when he noticed the cashier, Neil Lerch, Jr., was throwing his groceries around.

Bower asked the cashier not to smash the several bags of chips he was purchasing.

Bower told police the cashier put canned goods in the same bag as Bower's chips.

After paying for his groceries, Bower asked the cashier if he had a problem, police say.

Police say Lerch responded by asking Bower, "Do you?"

Bower told police he had been having a bad day and the issue with the chips sent him over the edge.

That's when Bower allegedly grabbed the cashier and put his hands around Lerch's throat.

Lerch declined medical attention, but he did have red marks on his neck that looked like they would turn into bruises, according to charging documents.

The York Dispatch reports security footage shows Bower also pushed Lerch against the cash register during the ordeal.

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