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Masked ballet dancer puts on spontaneous 'moment of pure joy' in lobby at Utah Hospital

With some piano music in the lobby of University of Utah Hospital, a dancer removed his shoes and broke into spontaneous ballet. (Photo: University of Utah Health)

SALT LAKE CITY (KUTV) — A skilled and masked ballet dancer slipped off what appear to be Crocs and broke out some spontaneous ballet at the University of Utah Hospital lobby.

University of Utah Health's Twitter account captured the grace and strength of the dance and called it, "A moment of pure joy."

The dancer is Teva Martinson, an employee of the hospital, confirmed by the University of Utah Health Twitter account and later by Martinson himself to 2News.

He clearly knows how to dance, even right in front of the pharmacy and gift shop in a lobby where several people seemed to miss the performance while looking at their phones. The dancer, like all healthcare employees, is masked to prevent the spread of COVID-19, making his identity something of a mystery, before social media found him.

Martinson was perhaps inspired by the piano player playing in the lobby, also captured briefly on the video. A couple of hours after the initial tweet sharing the dance, the University of Utah Health account said, "We are on the hunt to find this amazing dancer! Twitter followers, help us!" That strategy worked as Marinson's identity surfaced after he displayed a combination of grace, control and strength during his workday.

He also had no problem performing on the stage of a public lobby, leading the hospital's social media to help uncover his hidden talent. Cheers and clapping followed the spontaneous performance.