Police K9s solve case of 'stolen dog bones' in new calendar

Waterloo Regional Police Service 2020 K9 Calendar. (Photo: Jason Krygier-Baum via Waterloo Regional Police Service)

A police department in Ontario, Canada has released a humorous calendar featuring some crime-solving K9s as they track down a bone-stealing pooch.

All proceeds from the calendar from the Waterloo Regional Police Service will go to Special Olympics Ontario, which the police force is hosting.

You can see the photographs in our gallery above, or by clicking here.

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The calendar's description reads:

From a pet store crime scene to patrolling Waterloo Region in a vintage cruiser, this calendar tells the story of Ranger, Grim, Chase, and Tracker, as they work to solve a case of stolen dog bones - with a little help from their two-legged handlers.

The photographs were taken by animal photographer Jason Krygier-Baum, who says on his website:

The Waterloo Region Police approached me with a very unique task - to create a kickass K9 Calendar to raise serious funds for Special Olympics Ontario. I needed to keep the guns to a minimum and limit the donut jokes, but apart from that, I was free to do as I liked with the project.
It’s rare to be given create carte-blanche on an assignment, so I put my thinking cap on. I could keep things simple - a dozen ‘hero dog’ photos at locations around the Waterloo region, shot from below to make our K9s look mighty? Naa - too easy! How about highlighting the dogs’ unique talents of tracking down missing people and suspects? Hmmgetting warmer. Maybe I can get my dog into the photos somehow?? True to character, maybe she can be a criminal?? Got it! Photograph iconic police movie scenes as a 12 image story where the dogs are the cops and incorporate as many humorous doggy and police stereotypes as possible. Now THIS was a cool idea!

Purchase a calendar to benefit the Special Olympics here.