Since no one can be 'happy' all the time, Burger King launches 'real meals'

BK PissedMeal_03.jpg
One of the "Real Meals" (Photo courtesy: Burger King)

In another in a series of digs at one of their chief competitors, Burger King is launching what they're calling "Real Meals" since "no one is happy all the time."

The Whopper meals are available in Austin and four other cities starting May 1st, and come in a variety of different moods, including Pissed Meal, Blue Meal, Salty Meal, YAAAS Meal and DGAF Meal.

The meals include a flame-grilled Whopper, fries and a drink.

"Real Meals" are also available in Seattle, Miami, Los Angeles and New York City.

The limited time mood-themed meals are part of a partnership with Mental Health America for Mental Health Awareness Month.