Store employees prank 'very stupid' person who parked in shopping cart section

Photo of carts surrounding the car parked in the cart section. (Photo: Arnold Angelini, used with permission)

Supermarket employees in Argentina found a unique way to punish the driver who parked in the shopping cart section, and photos of the incident are going viral.

Arnold Angelini of Buenos Aires posted three pictures of the car surrounded by dozens of shopping carts on all sides at the COTO supermarket in Temperley, a suburb of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Angelini told 2News that employees were tired of people parking there and applauded them for doing something about it.

He said in a now-viral Facebook post (translated from Spanish):

The truth that you have to be very stupid to park a car in the [cart] sector. You can't leave it where you want... no one respects anything. Applause for the employees who locked up the car.

Angelini's post has more than 6,500 shares with many people applauding the store employee's actions.