Utah woman asks to 'smoke a bowl' before going to jail for being drunk on mouthwash

Francesca Delfina Farias-Swenson mugshot. (Photo: Utah County Jail)

(UPDATE 7:12 p.m.) -- 2News reached out to Francesca Delfina Farias-Swenson, who says the version of events provided to 2News by police is incorrect.

Farias-Swenson says she was not drinking mouthwash, but was actually drinking tequila. She says she doesn't have a boyfriend, and the man involved in the incident is a "good friend."

Farias-Swenson says she didn't have any alcohol with her when police stopped her.

She did say, however, that she asked police to "load me a bowl because I was in cuffs."

Farias-Swenson posted on social media that the story by cops was "a f****** lie."

WARNING: Strong language is in the Facebook post we've embedded below:

(KUTV) -- A Provo woman asked police officers if she could smoke a bowl of marijuana before they took her to jail for kicking the windows of her boyfriend's car, all while being drunk on mouthwash.

That's according to a probable cause statement from the Utah County Sheriff's Office.

Police say 20-year-old Francesca Delfina Farias-Swenson was drinking mouthwash to get drunk when she called her boyfriend to pick her up and take her up Provo Canyon.

While driving, police say Farias-Swenson got angry with her boyfriend and started kicking the windows of his car, damaging at least one window.

Farias-Swenson's boyfriend decided to take Farias-Swenson to her parent's house, but when they arrived, police say she started kicking the windows again, and her parents would not let her inside.

Police were called and found Farias-Swenson walking down a road with her feet bleeding from the broken window glass.

She had a bottle of mouthwash with her and told cops she had been drinking it.

Before police took her to jail, they say Farias-Swenson asked them if she could smoke a bowl of marijuana, telling cops she had a pill bottle with weed in it in her pocket.

Farias-Swenson is facing one count of each of the following misdemeanors:

  • Purchase, possession, consume of alcohol by a minor
  • Possession or use of a controlled substance
  • Criminal mischief

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