Viral tweet has people finding out they have astigmatism

Viral tweet has people finding out they have astigmatism. (Twitter screengrab from Unusual Facts @UnusualFacts6)

A tweet from March 24 has gone viral, with 24,000 retweets, and 58,000 likes on Twitter.

The reason?


The tweet shows two photos of tail lights.

One shows light flares coming off of each light in the photo.

The other shows, well, lights.

The tweet says:

Astigmatism is when the cornea is slightly curved rather than completely round. With astigmatism, light focuses on several points of the retina rather just one point. This is what people with Astigmatisms vs without.

So if lights sometimes flare when you look at lights, you may have astigmatism, according to the tweet.

This is freaking some people out.

Check out some of the tweets below to see how people are reacting to the tweet.

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