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Saratoga Springs residents credit neighbor for shielding homes from Knolls Fire

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Saratoga Springs residents credit neighbor for shielding homes from Knolls Fire

Residents in the Saratoga Spring’s Pelican Bay neighborhood are back home after evacuations from the Knolls Fire — and they say their neighbor is to thank for saving their homes.

When flames jumped Redwood Road and engulfed the field just south of the neighborhood, residents knew it was time to get out.

“We smelled smoke and saw a wall of flames coming this way,” Don Markham said.

He and his wife Luanne said they were certain they wouldn’t be returning to their home along Utah Lake.

But, while they and their other neighbors were evacuating, one neighbor jumped to action. Rob Young headed to the field that that borders the Markham’s house and began plowing a fire wall. The flames were heading straight toward 10 houses on the block.

“He jumped on, I think it was a CAT out there, and just started moving dirt to make a fire break,”Markham said.

Young said he was just helping neighbors in need.

“There was some equipment there, and I just jumped in and moved some of that brush back,” Young said.

He cleared a five-acre area and helped stop flames from entering the neighborhood.

“It allowed the fire department to focus all their efforts on saving the homes on the west side of Redwood once it jumped the road,” said Amy Loveless, who lives in the neighborhood.

Neighbors said Young was out in the field for hours protecting their homes.

“We’re very thankful. He’s a real hero,” Loveless said.

“We’ve got great neighbors. They’ve helped us and we all help each other,” Young said.